Model Must Haves

If you want to start modeling there are a few thing you must have. I have created a list of items you will want in you “kit”. You may not need every item for every job but you never want to be caught without.

Clothes (women)

  • Black Tank
  • Black Leggings
  • Black and Nude Heels
    • you must be comfortable walking and posing in these
    • no wedges
  • Nude underwear
    • Basic well fitted bra
    • Thong
  • Basic Swimwear
    • preferably a solid, neutral
    • something that compliments your figure
  • Nude, Black and White strapless bra


  • liquid foundation that matches your neck

Clothes (men). Guys I’m going to apologize right now and say I don’t know much about what male models need.

  • Black or dark dress pants (well fitted)
  • Neutral Shirt (again well fit)
  • Black or dark shoes
    • dark shoes = dark socks
  • Black or white underwear
  • Neutral swimwear


  • Full length shots in swimwear (front, sides,back)
    • none to minimal makeup
    • hair pulled back
    • no distracting items, you want to show off your look
  • Headshot
    • none to minimal makeup
    • hair pulled back (it doesn’t have to be a pony tail just keep it away from your face)

That is the bare minimum. For your portfolio I would also recommend the following:

  • One or two shots per style that you are comfortable doing (ex. don’t include lingerie if you aren’t comfortable wearing lingerie for a job)
  • Variety of poses
    • show that you are versatile
    • some close up headshots, some full body
  • Stats Card – height, weight, measurements, sizes
  • Comp Card
    • This is a 4×6 or so card with a few photos and your basic details
      • height, measurements, contact info
    • Make lots of copies as these are meant to be left with employers

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