Posing critique 1

One of the things I want to do in this blog is critique photos/posing so others can learn the does and don’ts of posing and working in front of a camera with real life images. This will be my first critique. One thing I ask is that others refrain from their own critique. I don’t want this to become a bitch fest.

The photo below was taken by the very talented Fred Dimaano. In it I am wearing an original Trash by Tony gown.


Over all this is a good pose. But not a great pose. It does the job. It shows off the garment. But there is more I could have done to really highlight the shape and detail of the dress.

  • Feet?legs – they are relatively close together. This is important in a slim fitting dress like this as it doesn’t pull the dress out of shape.
  • Angles – my hips and shoulders are offset. This adds interest and movement to the photo.
  • Focus – I like how I am making eye contact with the camera. Because my body is at odd angles the eye contact helps center the photo.
  • Expression – I like the strength in my expression. It fits the pose, dress and location. I wish I had a little more life in my expression. This can be quite hard for many people. I recommend practice, practice, PRACTICE. If I added a slight smirk on my mouth or parted my lips a little this would have changed the dynamic of my face and added life to my expression.
  • My arms – I wish I had raised the hand on my hip up about 3-4 inches off my hip and onto my waist. This would have had accentuated my waist and added a bit more interest and focus in that area. My other arm looks a bit lifeless. I could tensed my fingers, touched my thigh,popped my elbow out, lifted my arm away from my body a bit. Just something to add umph to my arm.  The one plus with my arms is that is the rotation of my shoulder and elbow placement. Rotating my shoulder forward adds dimension to my body. Keeping my elbow beside my body, rather than angled back opens up my body and accentuates my waist. I also like how the fingers on my hip add a structured softness to the pose.

So like I said its a good photo but it could be made great by a little more umph, a little more energy.


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