Casting Make Up

Casting calls can be nerve wracking and you may be tempted to hide behind an armor of winged liner and structured contour.Stop! Step away from the powders and put down the brushes.

At a casting you want to show off your natural beauty. Those doing the casting want to know what they are getting.So when you show up there needs to be as little between you and their eyes.We will talk about clothes in another post for now we will focus on make up.

Your make up should be natural!

Emphasize your eyes a little with some liner and mascara. Maybe a touch of neutral powder in the crease to add depth. Avoid heavy liner, winged liner and false lashes. If you are pale a deep grey or brown liner can emphasize the eyes without looking harsh. Remember you are just trying to make your eyes pop a little.

Keep your skin coverage light. If you have good skin go without foundation. Otherwise, keep your coverage as sheer as possible.You can use concealer to cover any significant blemishes but avoid significant highlighting. If you absolutely must contour do so minimally.And I mean minimally!!! Same with blush. And go ahead and leave the shimmery/shiny highlight at home.

As for lips keep it as close to your natural color as possible. Avoid super shiny glosses and overlining your lips. Remember, NATURAL!!

Here are a couple photos of me at a photoshoot with David Owen Hawxhurst that show a pretty minimal makeup look.

My eyes are lightly enhanced. I used a shadow a couple shades darker than my skin in the crease to add depth.Then some black tighlined at the lashes and mascara. No falsies, no wings.

I have a sheer coverage foundation well matched to my neck. I want my skin to shine through. A tiny bit of color on my cheeks keeps me looking alive. No heavy contouring or highlight. Let your natural beauty sine through.

I am actually wearing lipstick but it is practically the same color as my lips.Again keep it natural no; no bright reds or pale nudes.

I did not do my brows. I rarely do (shocking I know). All I will say, is keep them natural. But that is the whole theme of this look. Natural, natural, natural!

Below I have linked a few make up tutorial videos by Jaclyn Hill (who I think is one of the best makeup gurus out there).


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