Posing Critique 2


Here is a photo of me at AMDEF 2016. I am wearing an outfit by Paper Dollz Clothing.

I actually quite like this pose. It is a fierce pose for a fierce outfit.It says strength.This would not work with many outfits but for this skin tight number it’s perfect. Let’s start at the top.

Eyes – I cannot say enough how important your eyes are in photos. You can make or break a photo with your eyes. I think I made it this time. My eye contact is focus and direct. I’m not just looking at the camera I am looking through it. And my eyes say “Bite me.”

Expression – my whole expression resonates arrogance and pleasure.The slight cock to my eyebrow sends out a dare. The slight smirk echoes that sentiment.

Arms – My elbows are next to my body not pulled behind or thrust forward. This gives me an air of assertiveness even aggression without looking like a linebacker (which would have been easy given my shoulder structure and the design of this outfit). My hands are okay. I wish I hand turned my palms down a bit. That would have narrowed and elongated my hands/fingers.I also wish I had made my shoulders even rather than off set.

General – This is a power stance and yes it is a bit of a cliche-ed posed. However, it is a classic for a reason. It says strength, arrogance and power. I will note that to truly make this pose shine I would need to be completely straight in front of the camera not at a slight angle (you can see in the position of my feet and shoulders). And my body would be completely symmetrical. I’m very close to symmetry but not fully. However, that would have taken time and lots of micro-adjustments and due to the time constraints we were under was just not feasible.Even with the slight imperfections the pose still works and works well.


Photographer – Vector Parallax; Designer – Desda Sayer of Paper Dollz Clothing; Hair – Rose Shirley; Make-up – me


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