Everett Wedding Expo

Whew! Spent a fun, albeit exhausting two days at the Everett Wedding Expo.


Rather than a traditional fashion show, we were stationed and rotated throughout the event center. We had 5-8 stations depending on the number of models. 5 minutes at each station. Yes it got ridiculously boring at times but talk about posing practice! Use what you got right.


I did have fun though. The other models were great and I enjoyed hanging out with them backstage. That’s one of the best parts of being a model, backstage time. Chattering away about just about anything. One of my good friends, the very talented Abby Jane, was there, which rocked. Though it would probably have been best if we could not see each other on the floor because we kept making each other laugh. Thankfully we could be more interactive than traditional runway modeling.


The vendors were all nice and polite. A couple of the guys from one of the tux shop’s booth were quite smitten with the models. However, one took a special interest in me. He made me laugh so I gave him my number. It’s a little weird since he doesn’t even know my real name. He was funny but I doubt it was more than a bet between him and his friends. But he made standing around for hours entertaining rather than just bearable.


Overall, I’m glad I did it and I will likely do it again.


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