The other day I had a new adventure. I did makeup for a professional video production.


I can’t give many details but I want to share this experience.

It was a male actor so I can’t say it was overly fun mostly just powdering and chapstick. But the crew was very nice. And it paid well, very well.

I am not a professional MUA. My training is based on experience and YouTube videos. So how’d I get the job. Well, this opportunity came about from hard work and professionalism.

The lead on the shoot also does photography. I’ve shot with him a couple times. Both TFP. Now, I make sure that I am just as professional on a TFP shoots as I am for paid work. I show up on time, I follow directions, I do my best. This important for many reasons but here is why I bring it up now. The lead remembered me from our shoots and knew I did my own makeup but more importantly he remember I was trustworthy, professional and hard working (all words he used to describe me when asking me to do the job). He knew that if I agreed to do the job, I would show up and do the job.

I cannot express how important it is to do your best in every project paid or not. At the time of the photoshoots, this opportunity was no where on the radar. I hadn’t even heard from him in months. That just goes to show how you never know how one opportunity may lead to another.


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