Designer Spotlight – Trash by Tony

I am so excited to do my first designer spotlight.In these posts I will focus on one local designer. Usually, one I’ve worked with or whose art I admire. I will showcase some of there designs, do a small interview with them, etc. Today I am writing about a talented designer and good friend.

Tony Oliver of Trash by Tony

Tony on the runway

I’ve know Tony for about a year. Prior to meeting him he was beginning to make his name in the local fashion scene by designing dresses and other garments out of trash, well trash bags and other recyclables.When I asked him why he said, “I worked with trashbags and recycled materials as kind of a joke towards fashion and how there is so much fashion out there that people buy for cheap and throw away taking up landfills. I thought it would be a great idea to make the trashbag dresses and then branch out to outfits remade from previous articles of clothing…” How fun is that. He went on to say that he also creates brand new items not from previously used material. Though, personally, I think his use of previously used material as a uniqueness and life to his garments.

Before interviewing Tony for this piece I assumed he had been to school for fashion and/or design. He is just so skilled.But that isn’t the case. He is self taught, starting to sew at the tender age of 5.Since then he has never received any training in design or sewing.

Over the years Tony has trained and worked as a model for some of the nations leading agencies, a hair stylist and a makeup artist. He wanted to stay close to fashion but was afraid he would fail as a designer. Well am I ever glad he decided to give it a try!

I have had the pleasure of walking in a variety of his garments. He says now that he is “moving more towards haute couture but at a more affordable price for women to wear..” He thinks women should have design, style and comfort, saying, “women shouldn’t have to feel so constricted when wearing nice clothes, they have the right to be comfortable while also feeling confident at the same time.” Keep preaching friend, keep preaching!!


Photographers – Ankit Saxena Photography,  DNG dnikonguy, Fred Dimaano, Dawn Hildebrand

Models -Dani May Red, Abby Jane, Val Reaves,me, Lacy Lonning, Ezra Zamorano


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