Seattle Boat Show

Yesterday, and last weekend, I worked as a hostess at the Seattle Boat Show for Lake Union Sea Ray.

On the back deck of the L590

Basically I stood on one of their yachts and played gate keeper. I welcomed people aboard to tour, held the line to keep the boat from over-crowding, chatting with visitors, answered some questions and kept the boat clean and tidy.

This wasn’t a look sexy to sell boats gig. We wore white button up and black slacks. Fortunately, the portion I worked was inside the CenturyLink Event Center. No freezing cold, rainy weather to deal with. Thank goodness.

So it was not truly a modeling gig but it was a paid gig nonetheless. And I did hear about it through my connection with Chance Fashion. Another example of why it is so important to network.

Overall it was not very fun. Long hours on my feet repeating the same few lines over and over. Most people were friendly but just wanted to get on and off. I can’t blame them. They were there for the boats not socializing. But I was fortunate and never had any trouble makes, beyond the errant toddler. And the boats were AMAZING!! $1.1 million – $5 million yachts. so incredibly beautiful inside and out.

Things I will remember next time. Don’t do the full 10 hour shifts, padded socks and/or slippers with insoles (we were not allowed to wear shoes on the boat) and Aleve. Lots of Aleve. But I really cannot complain. Yes the hours were long and it got very tedious but the people I worked for and with were very nice. I hope I can do it again next year.



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