Pose Critique 3


Here I am wearing an original Trash by Tony dress at a shoot for his line last summer. If you ever want to see a commercial pose here it is. Its almost like I popped out of the pages of an ad for Target or Macy’s. However, That isn’t a bad thing. Versatile is good and commercial pays well. But that is another topic. For now I’ll focus on why this photo is just so darn commercial.

I’m going to start from the ground up.


My feet are in a modified 3rd position (stealing from the ballet community). My left for is turned towards the camera while my right foot is angled off to the side with my left heel close to the ball of my right foot (see lines on image above). This allows both my feet to be seen while maintaining a closed (legs together) stance. People like seeing both feet, it looks off and make people question when you are missing an appendage. Maybe that could work in couture but you don’t want customers associating awkwardness with your product of you are trying to sell it.

My hips and shoulders are aligned together and with my right foot, angled off the camera. This makes me look longer and thinner.It also shows off the front and side of the dress, which is important if you are trying to sell the piece.

My left arm is softly a my side, not covering up any detail or line of the dress. I used my right hard to accent the kerchief at my neck. Normally, I dislike poses with the hands at the neck or shoulders as it can look awkward and forced but that’s for another post. However in this case it shows off an element of the dress.

My face and eyes are directly to the camera. I have a relatively open and pleasant expression on my face. My hair is soft and my makeup bright but not overwhelming. It says “I look bright and happy in this outfit. Buy it and you can too!”

Overall, the pose is a studied version of natural (oxymoron, yes). It says, I’m a beautiful model but I’m just like you or you can be just like me. It’s not about dimension and angles and abstract poses that only the most flexible of yogis can attain, its about showing off the garment in a way that connects with average Jane. Its all about the garment, which is always  the number one priority when doing any commercial work.


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