Hands – a natural accessory

When it comes to posing, whether for a camera or on a runway, an important factor is our hands (and arms) and what we do or do not do with them. Many people use their hands and arms as a security blanket. Always posing with their hands on their hips or at least touching their body. But rather than using hands and arms as a distraction we should think of them as an accessory that highlights a certain feature of ourselves or the garment. Its a bit more complicated but, basically, what the hands are near is what you are emphasizing.

I have gathered several photos to show different ways we can highlight certain features, details, etc.

Photographer – Vector Parallax, Designer – Paper Dollz Clothing

Lets start with the basic hands on hips pose. When done correctly it can be a strong pose. Its also super easy and flattering, which is probably why so many people use it as a crutch. Hands on hips (remember on mean at the waist on top of the hips) emphasizes the tininess of one’s waist. By adding space between your body and arms and then bringing the hands close together it emphasizes and can even create an illusion of a narrow waist.

Model – Danny Bryan, Designer – Ravishing Marketplace, Photographer – Hoyt Koepke

Here we have a male model, however the pose is relatively universal. The hand on the cuff brings attention to the cuff. This can be very helpful if there is intricate or small detail work on the cuff as it will draw the eye to it.

Designer – Trash by Tony, Photographer – Fred Dimaano

“Ooh look a scarf!” Same idea as the previous photo. It draws the eye up to the neck line and the accessory.

Designer – House of Athena, Photographer – Eleanor Josephine

“Goggles!” Again, by touching the accessory, I am bringing emphasis to the accessory.

Model – Rashan Mitchell, Photographer – ???, Designer – ???

“I’m wearing a vest.” By holding the clothing, and adding movement to it, the eye is focused on that item.

Photographer – Sonya Lalla

In this beauty shot, I am drawing attention to my face and hair. I say it is a quick easy trick to add dimension to a photo while still focusing the face, hair and/or makeup.

Model – Revv O’Hare, Designer – Alien Earth Designs, Photographer – MK Studios Photography

When anyone but especially men put their hands in their front pockets or hook their thumbs through their belt loops they are drawing attention to one area. Can you guess what that is? I’ll let you figure that one out.


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