Pose Critique 4

Hello. Today, we have the good fortune of studying a photo that is not of me. In this photo we have the darling and gorgeous Erika Foster. I had the good fortune of working with her at a recent Chance show.

Model – Erika Foster, Photographer – Ryan Patrick Murray, Designer – Moonflower

Erika is a dancer and it shows in her strength, posture and body control. She has beautiful long limbs and delicate features. Basically, she’s beautiful. But enough of my rhapsodizing. Let’s get down to the critique.


First, I’m going to say that her poise and bearing is alluring and almost regal. Very captivating. Which is something you want in a photo, especially in commercial modeling.

To add dimensions to her body she has arched her back and cocked a leg, creating a soft “S” curve through her body. The “S” is quite appealing to the eye. I will write more about that in another post.

You’ll note that I highlighted the gap between her body and elbow and again between her knees. I like the gap. As I have said before, gaps create depth and dimension. I would LOVE it if there was a bit more of a gap. If she had arched her back a hair more, stretched her arm back a little bit and pulled her knee forward, away from her other leg, she would have added more depth, curve, dimension and appeal. It would also make this pose a bit sexier. Which can be good when modeling lingerie.

However, with all that said I do like the pose. Imagine her wearing a sleek evening gown with a thigh high slit. WOWZA.

Her expression is quietly confident. A bit aloof which I think comes across as sexy. It totally fits with her pose.

Good job, Erika! Thank you for letting me pick on you!


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