Tools of the trade – hand sanitizer

I realize this may be an odd item to start this line of posts with but I find it an essential item in my kit.

I carry unscented alcohol based hand sanitizer with my in my purse and model kit. Yes, the scented stuff is fun but the scent can transfer to garments which is a big no-no.

Beyond the obvious (cleaning hands) hand sanitizer had a lot of uses.

Body Odor – the alcohol clenses the area and cuts the stink. No scent needed. The alcohol destroys the odor. It also has drying properties so its good at cleaning up sweaty parts. Great for pit emergencies. And, unlike deodorant once it’s dry there is nothing left to transfer to garments.

Make up removal – it will remove make up from your face but the alcohol can be a bit harsh on sensitive skin. I’ve used it in a pinch especially to remove very stubborn lipstick. However, it is great at cleaning and sanitizing make up applicators. It can be harsh on delicate brushes but I’d much rather damage a brush or other applicator than share germs with 20 other girls!

Stain removal – alcohol is good at removing a variety of stains, however it can damage certain fabrich and make dyes bleed so never use it on clothes not your own.

Clean your phone – we touch our phones with our hands, washed and unwashed and then put them to our faces. We can also get make up all over the screen. Hand to see through all that let alone all the germs. Ick. And germs can = breakouts. A little dab of hand sanitizer and a wipe with a tissue will clean that right up.

Cleaning accessories – earrings, glasses, hats and more are traded between models all the time. I quick wipe with some hand sanitizer and you’re killing off a lot of problem germs. *check with the designer/stylist before putting anything on an item that isn’t yours.


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