Pose Critique 5

Today we are going to look at a photo of Nichole Barker taken by Vector Parallax.

Model – Nichole Barker, Photographer – Vector Parallax, HMUA – Sky Mohler, Designer – Sarenia and Kirsten

Here Nichole is modeling a sexy, sweet lingerie set. I like how, though the outfit could go soft and sweet, Nichole’s pose and expression keep it sexy and fierce.

The relaxed, openness of her pose exudes confidence. And confidence can be very sexy. It makes me think Victoria Secret Angel.

2017-03-21 12.48.42

Let’s take a closer look at some details. First, look at her hands. She is modeling to her finger tips and since the pose is open and relaxed so are her hands. But they are not just hanging from her arms. There is some tension, just a little, thatbrings the fierceness, the attitude all the way through her body.

This is is not a pose I could easily pull off. I have thick broad shoulder and a shorter neck. If I lifted my shoulder as Nichole has I would look like a scared turtle. Nichole however pulls it off because she can leave a gap between her shoulder and neck. It’s a difference in body type but I’ll cover that more in another post. I will add that I like how she pulled this off.

Her expression is wonderful.  The lifted chin, slight smirk and direct eye contact all say I’m sexy and I know it. Great way to top off her relaxed, confide the pose.

Now before you think this is the be all and end all of poses, I will add a small note. Waist up Nichole is rocking. Waist down is just there. Well barely due to he framing of the photo but it isnt very interesting. If she had lifted her right knee, she would have added depth, dimension, interest to the lower part of her body and the photo. By lifting her right knee, instead of her left, she would have maintained the openness that her pose already has.

So, in the end very good photo. Strong pose. Sassy, fitting expressing. She is modeling to her finger tips but it would have raised this photo just that much more if she had modeled to her toe tips (used her legs) too.


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