Pose Critique 6

We are going to get up close today in this pose critique.


The headshot. Expression is (almost) every thing when shooting a headshot.

In this photo, you see a little more than a headshot but we will focus there.

In my opinion, angles are just as important in in headshots as in full body pictures. Unless your face is very symmetrical it is hard (though not impossible) to pull off a square to camera shot. You will see in this photo that I have created a couple angles in relation to the camera.

2017-04-13 13.23.44

Here, I turned my head to the side, presenting more of the left side of my face. This camouflages any unevenness in my face as well as adding depth to the photo.

I have also tilted my chin down a little. Again it adds depth and dimension but it also shoes off my jaw line.

Together, these two adjustments make the photo dynamic and interesting.  It also emphasizes the coy, flirty vibe I have going on in my eyes and smile. Though expression is done with the facial features it can be enhanced (or detracted from)  with the positionING of the head.

As a last note, you will see I highlighted my hands. They look little short and stumpy in this photo. They are natural short so I should have spread my fingers a bit more or flattened my hand to increase length. As for hand placement, I will say that I am not a huge fan of the lower arm straight up against the upper arm, as I am doing with both arms here. I think it can make the arms look stubby and can look unnatural. But I think it works here because they are at different heights and angles and because I’m going for a flirty, coy look.

Overall a solid photo. I would definitely use it to cast for a commercial shoot. I probably would not use it to show my editorial side.


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