Let The Eat Cake among other things

Last month, I walked twice for a charming, little, lingerie boutique, Love Letters Intimates owned and operated by Catrina and Hollis Hall. The first being at an event called, you guessed it, Let Them Eat Cake. It was part party, part art exhibit, part exhibition.

In keeping with the theme, all the models wore huge Marie Antoinette wigs. It was quite fun actually and they did in fact serve cake which was quit yummy. You can read more about the event on Love Letters Intimates website http://www.lovelettersintimates.com.


The second event, was part of a student showcase at Athena Vertical Dance. First off I have to say wow. The woman working the poles, man their strong! But all the dancers were quite talented.

During the intermission we had our mini runway show. We, the models, were in the audience wearing long coats, then when it was time we removed our coats on the runway. It was fun.

I also did make up for the events. The first was impromptu as their MUA was a no show. I offered to work the show conditions show and was able to get a friend in as hair stylist. Love when I can get other people work too.


I truly enjoyed working with the Hall’s and hope to part of their future events.

With the lovely Catrina Hall

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