The things we do for fashion (CA shoots)

Now you may be thinking I am being sarcastic. Oh darn, I had to shoot in southern California. I wish I were. Unfortunately, I brought Seattle weather with me. It has been mid to upper 50s with rain and wind.

Okay so still not too bad but when you add limited clothing  (i.e. swimwear) and wind coming in off the ocean… yeah I was freezing my buns off. And really why couldn’t I freeze my belly off instead. But I digress.

However, the less than ideal weather made for some stunning photos.

Yesterday, I did a pin up style shoot then a summer street style shoot on the beach and then up into the parks and town.

Today, I shot on the beach in outfits by The Tattered Tailor, House of Athena and my darling, Trash by Tony.

I currently only have behind the scenes photos. But I have to give my dad, my bts photog, props for some good shots. Here are a few.

Yesterday’ssummer-y street wear shoot
Today’s shoot wearing  The Tattered Tailor 
On the beach in Trash by Tony 
Look at the drama of the waves. Wearing House of Athena. 

It was cold and wet but like I said it made for dramatic, stunning pictures. I am very excited to see the final product.


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