Pose Critique 7

If you read my blog you’ll be familiar with this picture from the Let Them Eat Cake event.


Today, I am going to critique it.

This is a runway shot so this photo was taking while I was posing for the audience. As I’ve said before posing for photos on the runway is very different than a photoshoot.

In this photo, I was not entirely aware of where the photog was located. I have a decent pose. Legs stretched and taught, angles everywhere, back arched.  But that is where I get in trouble. From the side arching my back would have showed off my butt and boobs as well as given me that sexy, slinky look. And the people sitting to my sides got that but the photographer as well as other guests were on front of me.

2017-05-16 10.29.38.jpg

All this does is make it look like I have a bit of a belly. Now before someone jumps down my throat about bellies being beautiful, I want to say that this is for me, personally. I don’t find this angle/pose flattering for me. You do you but to avoid this issue I need to be more aware of where the photogs are positioned. If I’m going to arch my back I need to make sure the audience/photographers has a side view. Otherwise, I will pick another pose.

Also where is my left arm? Good idea to bring all limbs into the frame. Of course, easier said than done. For a runway photo it is good, could be better but it isn’t bad. It would be less acceptable if this were during a photoshoot.


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