Pose Critique 8


Remember, how I talked about S and C posing. Well here is a rather dramatic C pose.

2017-05-28 21.42.20


I can’t say this was an easy pose especially on the awkward, sharp rocks of a typical NW beach. But the sweep of my body shows grace and elegance, fitting for this outfit. It also shows off my curves in a less traditional way.

By bringing my arms up I continue the visual lift the curve started. Just imagine what it would look like if I just let my arms hang… a little alien abduction. And if I put my hands on my hips it would emphasize my pelvic area. (Remember hands emphasize). That is an option but not the look I wanted for this shot.

I do wish I had softened my neck, jaw and face.


You can see the tension that I’m feeling due to the challenging pose. Yes it’s challenging but you never want that to show.

If I had opened my mouth just a little bit would have softened my jaw, in turn softening my neck. It would have changed my whole look. Adding a little smirk in my eyes would have masked the rest of the tension.

Overall, good photo. Even very good when you don’t look too closely. It’s just my face that mars it.


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