I am not lucky

I am not lucky. I have been thinking about this after a conversation with a friend. Here is the back story.

The other day, I was hired to model at a local car show. The photographer paid for my admittance and as well as my fee.

I posted about it on facebook, just saying I was looking forward to it. A friend ask how much tickets were for the event. I responded that I didn’t know as the photog was paying for me. Her response was “lucky”.

It was harmless. A quick comment no one would really think about. But it got me thinking.

I am not lucky. Luck is random. Luck is arbitrary. Luck means good things happen on a whim  Luck does not consider skill, talent, hard work or merit of any form. No I am not lucky.

I am fortunate. Good things have come my way but I earned them. I worked my tail off to get where I am. I worked for free. I took jobs other models turned their noses up at. I practiced. I trained. I worked hard. So I am fortunate but I am not lucky.


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