Tools of the Trade – pasties

Another must in my model kit is a pair of nude pasties. Personally, I don’t like having my nipples on display whether under sheer garments or lightweight fabrics so I wear pasties if I am not wear a bra. I think can also be distracting from the clothing if my nipples are showing and the last thing I want to do as a model is distract from a garment.

Some designers and photographers many prefer visible nipples but that is for another post.

There are many pastie options including cute, funky, sexy you name they have it. I’ve even seen pasties with live succulents on them. But unless a designer specifically requests a certain look I try to go with neutral pasties.

These are the two options I use.

Gel/Silicone reusable


Adhesive/One time use


There are pros and cons to each.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Large/thick
Easy to remove/reposition Shiny
Soft Not always skin toned
Flexible Less secure especially in heat/humidity
Adhesive/One Time use
Pros Cons
More skin tone options Irritating
Matte color Difficult/painful to remove
Various sizes/shapes Not as flexible
Secure even in heat/humidity Wrinkle easily
Flat/Thin One-time use

Personally, I prefer the gel ones. I just find them more comfortable. And my sensitive skin reacts to the adhesive of the other kind. Nothing like having a petal shaped rash around my nipple!

I always carry a couple with my in my kit just in case. I also have a few of the one-time use version in case another model needs them.


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