Pose Critique 10

I’ve been flooding instagram (follow me at instgram.com/modelireneadler) with photos from a shoot I had in Paris so I figure I can use one of those photos for a critique.

This photo was taken by Sharbel Kanoun at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France. I am wearing Trash by Tony.



I like the carefree, relaxed happiness in this photo. It looks as though I were talkin to someone or witnessing something funny just off camera. I have cheated my body towards the camera to best show off the coat I’m wearing. My legs are at different angles which as we know adds interest to the over all composition.

2017-10-31 10.50.22

I wish my feet had not been cut off. It would make for a more complete and finished look. But that was a photographer choice. As for the pose itself there are two things that stand out as needing improvement. My hands and my head.

Let’s remember that anything closer to the camera will appear bigger. My left hand looks significantly larger than my right because my left is closer to the camera. I like having my arm out but if I’d cheated it to the side a bit or even just rotated my hand to the side it would have minimized the enlargement.

Another reason my hands look so disproportionate is due to the fact my right hand is being swallowed by the coat sleeve. I should have pulled the sleeve up and then bent my arm. Not only to conceal the folds in the sleeve but to place it higher my body. And more in frame. No awkward baby hands here.

As for my head, I should have tipped my for head towards the camera. When someone leans back it is an act of removal. It is aloof. So in this charming and happy picture, I don’t want to appear aloof. What I should have done instead is rotate my face a bit more towards the camera and tipped my head either upright or to camera. This would have portrayed a more open and warm personality in the photo

As I mentioned before, it is a good shot. Had I remembered my hand placement, body to camera placement and body language I could have made it great.


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