I am not lucky

I am not lucky. I have been thinking about this after a conversation with a friend. Here is the back story.

The other day, I was hired to model at a local car show. The photographer paid for my admittance and as well as my fee.

I posted about it on facebook, just saying I was looking forward to it. A friend ask how much tickets were for the event. I responded that I didn’t know as the photog was paying for me. Her response was “lucky”.

It was harmless. A quick comment no one would really think about. But it got me thinking.

I am not lucky. Luck is random. Luck is arbitrary. Luck means good things happen on a whim  Luck does not consider skill, talent, hard work or merit of any form. No I am not lucky.

I am fortunate. Good things have come my way but I earned them. I worked my tail off to get where I am. I worked for free. I took jobs other models turned their noses up at. I practiced. I trained. I worked hard. So I am fortunate but I am not lucky.

Pose Critique 9


This photo is from a fantastic shoot I had with Jeraurd Craig of Verseau Photography. Definitely one of my top 5 shoots of all time!

But on to the photo. I like it. It is a classic albeit basic pin up pose. It shows off my curves and my sass. Here is how I could have improved.

2017-07-09 22.42.10

The yellow stripes shows my lines. In this case body curve and nipple set. The blue stripe is more ideal. If I had more of a curve in my back it would have lifted my bust therefore nipple set. That would have added a sassy more “pin up” pose. I would have preferred if I had turned my fingers out a bit. That would have slimmed my arms and allowed me to pull my shoulder back and therefore arch my back more.

Had I followed the blue line I would have wanted to move my hands furthe forward. That would have blocked any extra tummy pooch from arching my back.

On the plus side, I do like my face. Sassy and that’s what I wanted for this shoot.

Walking off the runway

I am taking a slight detour on my stomp down the runway. From December 2015 – February 2017 I have walked in all but 2 Chance Fashion shows. I started model coaching in February and knew that would cut way back on my time on the runway. Then in the last couple months I made the transition to backstage manager. This takes me off of Chance’s runway entirely. I will be on other runways so I’m not retiring by any means but it will certainly be different than monthly shows.

Pose Critique 8


Remember, how I talked about S and C posing. Well here is a rather dramatic C pose.

2017-05-28 21.42.20


I can’t say this was an easy pose especially on the awkward, sharp rocks of a typical NW beach. But the sweep of my body shows grace and elegance, fitting for this outfit. It also shows off my curves in a less traditional way.

By bringing my arms up I continue the visual lift the curve started. Just imagine what it would look like if I just let my arms hang… a little alien abduction. And if I put my hands on my hips it would emphasize my pelvic area. (Remember hands emphasize). That is an option but not the look I wanted for this shot.

I do wish I had softened my neck, jaw and face.


You can see the tension that I’m feeling due to the challenging pose. Yes it’s challenging but you never want that to show.

If I had opened my mouth just a little bit would have softened my jaw, in turn softening my neck. It would have changed my whole look. Adding a little smirk in my eyes would have masked the rest of the tension.

Overall, good photo. Even very good when you don’t look too closely. It’s just my face that mars it.

Pose Critique 7

If you read my blog you’ll be familiar with this picture from the Let Them Eat Cake event.


Today, I am going to critique it.

This is a runway shot so this photo was taking while I was posing for the audience. As I’ve said before posing for photos on the runway is very different than a photoshoot.

In this photo, I was not entirely aware of where the photog was located. I have a decent pose. Legs stretched and taught, angles everywhere, back arched.  But that is where I get in trouble. From the side arching my back would have showed off my butt and boobs as well as given me that sexy, slinky look. And the people sitting to my sides got that but the photographer as well as other guests were on front of me.

2017-05-16 10.29.38.jpg

All this does is make it look like I have a bit of a belly. Now before someone jumps down my throat about bellies being beautiful, I want to say that this is for me, personally. I don’t find this angle/pose flattering for me. You do you but to avoid this issue I need to be more aware of where the photogs are positioned. If I’m going to arch my back I need to make sure the audience/photographers has a side view. Otherwise, I will pick another pose.

Also where is my left arm? Good idea to bring all limbs into the frame. Of course, easier said than done. For a runway photo it is good, could be better but it isn’t bad. It would be less acceptable if this were during a photoshoot.

The things we do for fashion (CA shoots)

Now you may be thinking I am being sarcastic. Oh darn, I had to shoot in southern California. I wish I were. Unfortunately, I brought Seattle weather with me. It has been mid to upper 50s with rain and wind.

Okay so still not too bad but when you add limited clothing  (i.e. swimwear) and wind coming in off the ocean… yeah I was freezing my buns off. And really why couldn’t I freeze my belly off instead. But I digress.

However, the less than ideal weather made for some stunning photos.

Yesterday, I did a pin up style shoot then a summer street style shoot on the beach and then up into the parks and town.

Today, I shot on the beach in outfits by The Tattered Tailor, House of Athena and my darling, Trash by Tony.

I currently only have behind the scenes photos. But I have to give my dad, my bts photog, props for some good shots. Here are a few.

Yesterday’ssummer-y street wear shoot
Today’s shoot wearing  The Tattered Tailor 
On the beach in Trash by Tony 
Look at the drama of the waves. Wearing House of Athena. 

It was cold and wet but like I said it made for dramatic, stunning pictures. I am very excited to see the final product.

Open Submission Magazines

An open submission magazine is one that allows any and all to submit photographs, stories, poems, etc. For us in the freelance fashion world photography heavy, fashion/beauty based magazines are our cake. Meaning this is where we can really get out faces out there. And who doesn’t want to be published!

Most of these magazines include team credits including the names of the models, photographers, MUA, hair stylist, designers, etc. So in a sense if you get published its free advertising.

In this age of technology, not all magazines are produced in print. Some are online only, print on demand, etc. So if you are thinking of submitting be aware of what the mag offers.

I will note that true open submissions will NOT charge you to submit or get published.

Below I have compiled a list of many open submission fashion magazines (or those with a fashion section) along with their number of likes on Facebook. Because in  reality the more people that can see your face the better.

*I’ll add links as I can. But Google and Facebook will be helpful.

**no guarantees on current submission and publication status.

Over 100k+

Over 50k+
Lone Wolf

Over 20k

Over 10k

Over 5k
S Magazine

Over 1000
Material Girl

Under 1000
Uniquely you

Let The Eat Cake among other things

Last month, I walked twice for a charming, little, lingerie boutique, Love Letters Intimates owned and operated by Catrina and Hollis Hall. The first being at an event called, you guessed it, Let Them Eat Cake. It was part party, part art exhibit, part exhibition.

In keeping with the theme, all the models wore huge Marie Antoinette wigs. It was quite fun actually and they did in fact serve cake which was quit yummy. You can read more about the event on Love Letters Intimates website http://www.lovelettersintimates.com.


The second event, was part of a student showcase at Athena Vertical Dance. First off I have to say wow. The woman working the poles, man their strong! But all the dancers were quite talented.

During the intermission we had our mini runway show. We, the models, were in the audience wearing long coats, then when it was time we removed our coats on the runway. It was fun.

I also did make up for the events. The first was impromptu as their MUA was a no show. I offered to work the show conditions show and was able to get a friend in as hair stylist. Love when I can get other people work too.


I truly enjoyed working with the Hall’s and hope to part of their future events.

With the lovely Catrina Hall

In a rut

I was reviewing photos from my last couple fashion shows and I noticed something. fb_img_1485451884982



Do you see it too? The same pose. Over and over. It’s a decent pose maybe my signature. But in order for me to grow as a model I need to put that pose on the shelf and try something new. I certainly don’t want to be a one trick pony.